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Advertising is about the art of dramatizing a brand. Good advertising gives you reasons, rational and emotional, to consider or even buy a brand. Advertising is the most thrilling and moving part of marketing. There are many sorts of advertising…

Social media

Social media describes a range of ways to link up with people online. Twitter, blogging and Facebook are the best examples of social media. These are ideal for marketing because anyone can create messages and share them with contacts.…

Brand Development

Every business has a brand and as part of your marketing strategy you need to look at yours, consider what it represents and think about value. People learn about your business from your brand. In particular, your brand name…

Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is the advancement of your brand and organisation. This is a type of direct marketing. There are various digital channels such as social networks, emails and mobile phones. We are here to provide creative digital solutions that…

Public Relations

PR is about getting positive, fact-based stories about your company, its brand, product and people appearing in the media. But it is also about avoiding negative stories. Using MY Solutions Mcr Ltd’s contacts we will find you experts and PR…

Customer Acquisition

Customers usually buy products only if they feel they will get any benefit from them: Businesses send their respective messages or offers to consumers either directly or through marketing intermediaries. Through modern transportation and communication systems we can help you…

What we do

We provide diverse services to our customers and clients ranging from Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour, International Marketing, Planning for Critical Perspectives in Contemporary Marketing, Integrating Marketing Communications, Customer Relations and other related products for services. We understand that our clients may need these services under special circumstances to promote their sale and profitability, so we train our staff to deliver such services swiftly, while maintaining high quality work. The process of marketing strategy we take our clients through ensures that all business activities undertaken contribute to the overall objectives. We will do our utmost to help our clients meet their customers’ needs and get their company ahead of the competition in the most efficient way possible.

Marketing strategy is a section of your business plan that outlines your overall game plan for how you will find and attract clients or customers to your business. Before making your marketing strategy, we need to know how your product or service benefits others and what its unique selling proposition is to other businesses in the marketplace. Furthermore, we need to conduct market research to understand your competition, your target market, and other factors that will impact your ability to reach and entice people to your business.

About us

My Solutions Mcr Ltd is a small business marketing consultancy. We provide comprehensive advice and consultation to small business owners in the United Kingdom who wish to set up a business or are already struggling to run a business. We also provide Integrated Marketing Communications and Supportive Marketing Services for new businesses. We provide added value to our clients by reducing the costs of doing business. Cost reduction for our clients is a priority and is performed by our unique capability.

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