Posters and Leaflet Design

Even in these days of online communications, the trusty old leaflet and poster still have their place, particularly in a business to consumer context. There is simply no better way to get your message directly into the hands of your target market.

If the design is right, a good leaflet or poster can also easily double up as an electronic mailshot or animated advert, helping you reach a much wider audience. Fortunately, the rapid advances in digital print over the last decade allow you to make smaller print runs cost effective, as well as enabling individual personalisation of your message to recipients.

As with all good design, doing the background work is key to a successful result. This means asking all the right questions at the outset. For example, as well as being clear on what the overall message and objective are, we like to get a thorough understanding of the target audience, the product or service you are offering, and what the competition is up to before we let our creatives loose on your brief. Context is everything.

We also like to set out with a particular design style and tone in mind. This is not just a matter of personal taste or preference; it should reflect the message itself and the image you need to portray. There is nothing wrong with being obvious or brash if the subject matter and audience demands it. On other occasions, a more sophisticated and low-key approach is more appropriate.

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